What do you give the golfer that has everything?  The akademie offers gift vouchers that can be given to the beginner golfer for a Schnupper golf or the experienced golfer for a much needed lesson on their short or long game.  We also offer vouchers for a fitting to help the player choose the correct putter or driver.  These vouchers are all easily obtained to the value of your choice.  The following are the three possibilities of how to get your voucher in time for that special persons, special day.  

If you would like to pay via bank transfer and have the voucher sent to you, please click on contact and send us your requirements.  

Zm abholen beim Sekretary 

All vouchers are available from the secretaries office, voucher can be paid for and picked up from the office.  

Via post 

Or simply feel out the voucher with the relevant details on the voucher provided, fill in the online, pay via the secure payment of PayPal and have the voucher delivered to your email inbox. 



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